COVID-19 Support

It is the policy of the management of ‘Ye Olde Punch Bowl Inn’ to do all that is reasonably practicable to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to protect everyone, including our employees and the public, in so far as they come into contact with the Company or its activities, from any foreseeable hazard and danger.

In particular, the management of ‘Ye Olde Punch Bowl Inn’ recognises its responsibility:

  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • To provide training (under staff training) and instruction to enable employees to perform their work safely adapting to the new COVID-19 regulations to operate as safe a reasonably practicable.
  • To maintain a continuing and progressive interest in Health & Safety updating policies in line with the government guidelines
  • To take into account all statutory requirements for COVID-19 updates
  • To consult and involve employees in Health & Safety matters wherever possible in relation to COVID-19

So, we are doing our bit, are you?

Please adhere to our ‘COVID-SAFETY’ Policies highlighted below, and be considerate to all employees and guests. We are all in this together!

COVID 19 Distancing Policy statement.

  •  Please only use the front restaurant door (Opposite road) for entry inside and the function entrance for exit and smoking in the gardens. This is encouraging a one-way system to reduce crossing footfall.
  • All guests are welcome to the bar however only one table with their guests are permitted at one hatch at a time. Please do not exceed more than six people within your table at the same time. If the bar has two table parties (one each hatch), please wait until a hatch is vacant. Help adhere to the social distancing rules.
  • Please do not proceed to the carvery, once ordered we will call you up to the carvery at the earliest opportunity, we are only allowing one table at the carvery at a time. There are hand sanitiser touch free gels next to the carver. You must sanitise your hands prior to handling carvery utensils, if you do not want to use the gel, a team member will plate your meal.
  • We are offering full table service throughout your dining experience, please bear with us on busy periods, if a bar hatch is vacant you are welcome proceed to the bar.
  • We are not offering ‘garden service’ however on sunny days please proceed to the outside bar where a team member will be happy to help Outside bar open at weekends only.
  • Toilets in our restaurant are exclusively for male use only and function room toilets are exclusively for female use only. This is to reduce footfall in corridors and encourage social distancing.
  • Please respect our COVID-19 rules to reduce the potential risk of transmission and always adhere to the two-metre distance rule at every opportunity.
  • Our chefs will always be wearing latex gloves and skull hats during service front of house, all staff have the option to wear masks if they would prefer although not mandatory by company policy.

This policy statement could be updated at any time following government guidelines and/or mandatory updates to safely work in line with COVID-19.

These measure are put in place for your safety and security at this time.

Stay safe a warm welcome awaits!

The Punch Bowl Team