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History of ‘Ye Olde Punchbowl Inn’

The Punchbowl Inn is over 700 years old and the actual date when the pub was first built is unknown. It was originally a hundred house, and was first licensed as a pub in 1740, the central part of the building where the front door is, served as the pub, and the present lounge area was one of three buildings to a farm that was part of the pub, the cellar and accommodation were also outbuildings as part of the farm, and the early 1900’s the buildings were connected to make a larger pub.

The punchbowl still retains much of its original characteristics despite major structural modifications fifty years ago, only since the 1960’s has the bar actually had beer pumps as the cellar for the pub was directly opposite the pub below the hundred house, and the beer was transported in porcelain jugs from the barrel to the bar for punters to drink ale.

It was renamed Ye Olde Punchbowl Inn in the middle of the 19th Century, probably because of its association with the Whig party who were traditionally Sherry and Punch drinkers. During the seize of Bridgnorth during the civil war in 1646 many of Oliver Cromwell’s troops billeted at the Punchbowl, one of the few buildings that survived when the Royal troops, also known as the ‘roundheads’, set fire to all the buildings in high town. St Leonard’s church was also destroyed then rebuilt after the fire.

Many people question the fact of whether the Punchbowl Inn is haunted? Well in our opinion it is haunted, as all staff including Adam have witnessed strange supernatural events from screaming noises to ghostly visions both on and off camera. There are two resident ghosts which even some customers have sensed whilst trading. Our first resident ghost is believed to be named Harold and he walks throughout the building with his Irish wolf hound dog by his side, sightings of Harold have been reported in the Ludlow suite on many occasions and there was a Landlord with the name Harold in the 1800’s. Harold was tormented in life and has a disfigured face after a terrible shooting accident and his only companion is his dog. It is believed that Harold was married but through his own torment he took his wife’s life and also the life of a little girl called Jesse. Our second resident ghost is believed to be a little girl called Jesse who walks around the Punchbowl crying as a sad lost soul. Many people, including several of our staff have heard Jesse crying, and Jake our eldest Son used to talk to Jesse when he was just two years old. According to several medians it is believed that Jesse died an unpleasant death by Harold at the Punchbowl and fears Harold, crying for help when Harold approaches?

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